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What IS it with Discrimination????

As the world “evolves” and as we evolve with our societal upbringing, how is it that discrimination has not yet been wiped clean from the planet?  I work in a field which requires a lot of physical labor as well as wiring trailers and installing wiring for hitches.  Yesterday these two young guys came into the building and wanted to rent a piece of our equipment to tow a vehicle.  The other customer service representative I was working with helped them initially but then asked me if I would go out and hook up the equipment as soon as they attached a ground wire to their truck. Now the demeanor of these men seemed quite nice as I listened to them converse with the assistant manager who was helping them in the store.  As soon as I went outside and greeted them with a “Hello, how are you today?,” the nastier of the two stood up and said, rather curtly, “I need something to put this in with,” and he handed me a self-tapping screw.  I work with self-tapping screws all the time and they ha


   The greatest achievement in my life is that of my son.  Not the fact that I raised him alone, but more the fact that he turned our to be such an awesome person (not that I’m partial or anything).  He is caring, sharing, loving and intelligent (not to mention handsome).  To all of you mother’s (or single dads) out there, take pride in the fruits of your labor and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!

Adult Onset A.D.D.

I never would have guessed that I would ever find myself facing such a thing as A.D.D. in my adult life, never having had it as a child, however it seems that is the case as I have recently discovered.  I wonder what it is about labels and our need to apply them to everything these days?  Most likely A.D.D. has been around for years and years but someone decided it needed a label and thought one up.  This disorder is mostly associated with children, however there are those few adults who acquire the disorder during the latter part of their life.  I was just diagnosed as being “borderline” A.D.D., which by my standards, has always has always presented itself as a nervous contiion. Of course when “diagnosed” or “labeled” with anything new, I immediately get online and research all there is to know about the recent affliction.  A.D.D., or Attention Deficit Disorder as I understand its definition, means that I am not able to pay attention to one task at a time and see it through to