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The sad truth, which I had to face as it came crashing through my lens today, is that we live in a disposable world.  Litter is abundant.  It’s wreaked havoc on every town and every city in every state and every country.  There are many laws about littering, but they don’t seem to be enforced, at least not strongly.  This is such a pet peeve for me, the worst being the person who flicks their lit cigarette out of the car window, especially here in this dry, fire-hazardous desert.  When did we get so lazy?  I can remember as a child having to get up off of the couch to turn the television channel.  We ate from glass plates and used cloth napkins.  Most things were packaged either in cardboard, paper or glass.  Soda was sold in glass bottles which were redeemable for cash and 100% recyclable.  Although it seems that the invent of plastic is a wonderful thing, for it brings us such ease, it is the single most littered item.  Wrappers from cheese slices, water bottles, soda bott