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This is a shout out to my friend Andy, without whom, I would never have had a terrific day learning how to frame my prints. She taught me to matte last year and now fabulous lessons in making gorgeous frames and good times doing it. I love your workshop and your home and your family and you. These are Andy and Ele's kids, from left to right, Mac, Teddy and Beth. The pugs were named after Macbeth (Mac and Beth). These kids are fun loving but Mac takes the prize in who loves me the most. LOL.


Hmmm, you might ask yourself, what does this image have to do with a birthday!!!???!!! The answer: Nothing, I just think it's pretty. LOL. My birthday is this Friday, May 1st, and I had to post to tell everyone of the unique and special idea that my dear friend Dawn came up with for my birthday this year. She went to my RedBubble site and bought one of my matted photographs. She said she has been eying one of them for awhile so for my birthday she would buy herself the present. I was so excited. I love it so much when someone, especially a fellow artiste, thinks enough of something I've done to actually purchase it. It think it is the ultimate form of flattery. So to Dawn, my unique and special friend, thank you so much for the birthday present and the compliment. You are loved and missed on an hourly basis.

BLUE GLASS (Not Bluegrass, this has nothing to do with banjos)

I love blue glass, and recently have found some worth photographing. I am lately trying to put some variety into what I am taking pictures of and I thought since I have been collecting miniature bottles for so long, I would try a few of them on for size (not literally of course, that would hurt).


You know the old adage, "The glass is half full?" I didn't realize just how true that was until yesterday when a dear, new friend of mine (Maria) told me in a very low moment to write down five things I was grateful for. Although my crappy mood, brought on most likely by every freakin ' thing I'm dealing with these days, topped off by the lovely men-o-pause (what do "men" have to do with it anyway?) - was not going to allow me to feel any different, I wrote down five things I was grateful for. They were: 1. My health; 2. The time I am spending with my mother; 3. my son and his health; 4. My chance at life; and 5. My friends. I could probably have come up with more, and believe me, yesterday just these five were not easy, but I opted to sleep. I honestly think a lack of sleep is what's getting to me lately. It is my philosophy that things are either black and white, or color. Nothing in between. People are put into your life, onto y


As I regrettably missed the last challenge at one of my favorite blogs, One Man's Travels at: /, I certainly couldn't miss the next one, simply entitled Chocolate. I took this picture one night as I glanced over at the table by my side and realized that what was on the table, certainly summed up my vision of comfort. When I was younger, I used to have many vices, and I DO mean many. Wine and chocolate however, I refused to give up, and if you knew me then, you'd know how trivial they are in comparison. Although the capture was not intended as greatness, it was intended as expression, which I think I achieved here. Thank you Graham. As always, I love your photo challenges.


As reflective as I am on a general basis, it's no wonder that when I was staging these shots of my son, Brice, I kept reflecting on the wonderful quality my life has obtained since becoming a mother. I feel so fortunate to have someone in my life who can offer different perspectives on things and who can share his individuality. I am in awe of the person he has become and the fortunate fact that I have been allowed to be there for every changing, shaping moment, offering the teaching and wisdom, and sometimes the necessary hard-handedness, that goes into guiding one's child. I have recently begun to take stock of the fabulous things in my life, and am so thankful for all that I have. I now realize all of the bad things a person has to go through, are not really "bad" at all, but rather twists and turns on a path we are destined for, and changes that get us there. My thanks are many and my life forever changed for this blessed being in my life.