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I woke up this past Tuesday (which I feel is always a good sign of the day to come) and, as I habitually do, I casually glanced out the window to see what the morning weather was like.  Imagine my surprise!!!!  My son Brice was like, "Mom, it snowed," to which I lovingly replied, "Duh!"  He was so excited that he started to dash toward the back door.  I halted him in his tracks only to suggest that he consider putting on a heavy coat and some shoes as pajamas are not generally too warm in the snow.  A reaction to be expected from boy raised in the desert.   He laughed, put on his heavy coat and shoes, and ran out the door.  I took my time of course as I am never too eager to run out into the cold without first preparing for frost bite. LOL .  This was probably the most snow we've seen in a few years, inch-wise .  It measured 4 inches in our backyard.   Brice made a snowball and then opted to see  how big he could get it.   Then, as all son's do, he he


I have been having the most fun lately in creating more mattes and books. This is a portfolio that I created with a forget-me-not cover. I've always wanted hand made portfolio, so I sat down for days and invented the dime nsions for this one. I was really happy with the way it turned out. This picture of my mother and father's wedding was really fun to create. I mounted the entire piece on a matte board with a matte frame. I also mounted some small pieces of matte onto the board reflecting words like Tim eless, Remember and Treasure. I then mounted the pictu res on doors that open to r eveal their na mes and wedding date on a map of the city they were married in, circling the town they settled in and where I was born. I'm gonna give this one to mom. She said she wanted it to hang in h er house. I've also been very busy creating books, which as you know, is a huge passion of mine. Long tall Sally here sports two bells on the spine and is as ta