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Did you ever come across an old, run down building or discarded suitcase or other old item, and wonder what story it could tell if it could talk? I wonder about things like this all the time, hence my interest in taking pictures of dilapidation. I was driving through McNeal , Arizona one weekend and on the way home there were so many old, falling down buildings and barns like this that I Just couldn't resist stopping in the middle of the highway to take pictures from the truck. Thank God it is a pretty lonely highway or I would have caused some serious accidents. I think there is a part of me, maybe a part that has lived long ago, that sympathizes and wonders about all things past. I wonder who lived in this old house and why they had to leave it. How many families actually resided in it through the years, how many children grew up here, marking the walls with their growth patterns? I wonder if they planted that tree and how many gardens were sown and reaped there. I won


Where do you find beauty? I find it in: A cool Spring breeze The smell of Jasmine in the air The moon, in any cycle Words/Writing Photography Friends A hug from my son Spending time with my mother A brilliant sunset or sunrise Morning dew on nature's beauty Raindrops on my tongue A walk Fog Wind A leisurely drive to anywhere My cat hugging my neck with both paws The wind against my back Tantalizing food Sending/Receiving snail mail Good health Massage Gardening Meditation Meals at the kitchen table ...and things too numerous to mention


Can you believe it? I was just tagged with my very first blog award. I t is from Basia at SpiritSpace . My heartfelt thanks and gratitude Basia, for presenting me such an honor, and for the beauty and thoughtfulness you put into creating it. AND FOR THOSE OF YOU I'VE TAGGED: These are the directions I received along with the award: Come to my blog, take your butterfly, list my blog, then list 10 blog sites you would like to receive the same blog award, and list them on your favorite blogs. Leave the same message for each when you give them their blog award. And here is my list of ten: 1. Alexa Lett 2. Artist Reborne 3. Artsy Mama 4. Bitter Betty Blogs 5. One Man's Travels 6. Creative Swaps 7. Just Rho 8. Lilly's of Londonish 9. Small Creations 10. Vintage Recreations


Feeling so down, very confused, I don't know what to do; It seems the further I try to forge, more steps I fear I lose; I work as hard as I possibly can to keep us in the black; but then comes that straw, that proverbial straw, that broke the camel's back; I climb the uphill battle, to make ends meet and more; I don't understand why my effort's defeated, this is getting to be such a bore; I have a teenage son to raise, and all alone to boot; Why does my plight go unrewarded, does anyone give a hoot? I'm killing myself slowly but surely, to live the American "dream"; but I'll be damned if I'll let them win, no matter how weak I seem.


Our life, as gifted to us in the beginning, is one large lump of time. Each individual receives this lump at birth and has only that allotted time in which to choreograph and shape what will become their life in totality. Some are blessed with more time than others, some are blessed with less, but the secret is not to waste a second of it. We must cherish every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every year to the point that it could be our last. That which is wasted on wishing we were older, wishing we were younger and wishing we had different circumstances, can nev er be regained. Hold this time in your heart like a new born baby and cherish it as such. Laugh at everything possible, take joy in everything around you, love as often as you can, and befriend as many people that cross your path. In doing so you will enrich your life to its fullest. Essentially, we are born into this world alone, we have to make decisions and live our lives alone, and we die alon


Looking back on 2008, even though it was one of our toughest years so far, I feel strength and growth like never before. The old saying, "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger," holds dear to my heart. My mother has just about beaten her cancer (I am still praying every night), my brother Scott is working on getting his health back from his setback, and I managed to find a job (having to take a $6.00 per hour cut in pay). Most days I felt no younger than 92 because of everything they entailed to get through, but get through them I did. The job is a blessing in that we are making ends meet, but barely. I am still looking for a job and think I might be on top of one right now. I have to go through a rather long application process, but it pays at least $9.00 per hour more than I am making right now and it is in the criminal justice field, which is what my degree is in, so I think it would be something that would really make me happy, while earning enough of a