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My 2009 calendars are finally ready for sale. Click here to head on over and check them out. I have either five or six and more on the way. I'm so excited by the wonderful quality the RedBubble people are able to maintain.


I was so thrilled when I got home today and Brice told me he had the school pictures. I was very bummed that he had to miss picture day and then do retakes, which were postponed three times, and then I had to worry as to whether or not they were going to make it to the house before the Christmas cards went out. I'm so pleased with the quality this year, as well as the pose. They are doing great things with digital cameras these days. I think my ideal job would be to work for LifeTouch and go from school to school and try to get everyone to pose for me. I would either love it, or pull my hair out by the end of the day - LOL !!!!