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I went for the most peaceful and beautiful walk today, all alone with my thoughts and dreams, through a forest, amid a dry, dusty desert, in a cool spot on a hot day. I found the most beautiful scenery and took the most satisfying shots. We have had much rain this year and the brook was babbling so loud it was like a song from nature. I must say, I have not heard this particular brook babble in so long a time. I then went to a carnival in the park by myself, and rode many of the rides, sort of reliving my child-like desires. It was the most fun I've had spending the day with myself. I am working on several new art projects, to be posted in the near future. My life is beginning to make sense again, but the desire to travel will never be stilled.


As I watch my mother suffer emotionally through her cancer, I see the daily changes in her appreciation for life. I hear the comments, "Just be glad you're healthy," and see the new wonder as she realizes what is truly here on earth. So sad that it takes something like this horrible event to awaken so many people around her, and to show us all that life is truly a special gift, given to souls to experience things not possible in other realms. My mother is a truly wonderful soul who has always been such a giving and caring person, that she's barely taken notice of herself. Maybe this is God's way of letting her know that she needs to take care of number one and experience life on her terms and in her way. I am sure, more each day, that she is going to beat this stage 4 atrocity, and come out on top, stronger and more appreciative of herself and all that she has to offer. Never take life, or anything in it, for granted. I love the saying, "It's not


After what seemed like a terrible day at work, I arrived home to find that Barbara Saint Jacques had sent me my first "Art in a Carton" (see link in left hand column). As I unwrapped the intricately stamped white paper, I was so excited to see the beautiful, fall colored carton (one of my most favorite seasons). I have waited months for it to be my turn and this is my first carton. Look at the beautiful angel doll made from a wooden clothespin and flowers. She made a beautiful wooden button box and filled it with buttons, along with a miniature matchbox drawer full of seed beads and two charms, a small book with my initial on the inside cover, a wooden sun, another small book, and a beautiful wooden stick adorned with a jewel and beautiful strings of wool. Thank you SO much Barbara - these treasures will certainly be treasured. I am now going to get my trinkets together to mail out to Barbara and two other "unidentified" recipients. This is really a fun vent


Individuality ~ In this world, our numbers are ever populating, no two the same, though some share genetics and some are considered to be twins, no one can ever be so much alike as to be one in the same. We dream different dreams, we process emotions in our own unique ways, we understand things as they make sense to us, we make different choices in situations, we love differently, perceive differently, and create differently. Individuality is one of the greatest gifts we receive at birth, right along with empathy. We share the unique gift of empathy with practically no other species. I am always amazed at how two individuals will approach the exact situation in life, and come up with two very distinct and separate opinions and plans to work it out. If everyone respected each others' individuality and uniqueness, I think relationships would last in society - I think they would almost thrive.


Look at my latest art acquisition. It is an original photograph taken by Graham Ettridge of One Man's Travels (see post below for navigation link). Here it is hanging on my wall in a poster frame. I used a large piece of black fabric under the photo, as the picture was a bit smaller than the frame. I thought it set if off nicely. Unfortunately it was difficult to take this picture without glare, even th ough there was barely any light behind me. I LOVE this photograph and the fact that it looks almost like a painting. Graham really captured the weathered, time-worn essence of this door and its surrounding wall. If you love great photography, you should definitely take the time to view Graham's site. I also have a new photography-dedicated site. The link is in the column on the left under the "For Sale" sign. Please stop by and check me out!


This month's challenge at One Man's Travels , my favorite photography blog, is to take a picture of our favorite time or moment of a day. This is mine. I LOVE it first thing in the morning, especially on a weekend, when my son is sleeping in and the cat is nestled under the covers with him. I get up, brew a cup of hot tea, and watch the sun rise. It certainly is a good time to put things into perspective, to realize (especially next to the sun and its job) how small we are in the scheme of things, and ponder all things to come in the new day. Each day is a gift and a chance at a clean slate. I'm definitely a morning person.


I finally found a place to showcase and sell my photography and some of my art. The site I was using last year was just too user unfriendly. This new site is so fabulous. It's a whole community of artists who can view and comment on each others' work. It also does all of the selling for you, commission free. The name of the site is RED BUBBLE and you can access my site by clicking on the "Red Bubble" link above. I have placed a permanent link in the left column headed by a flashing "For Sale" sign. Please come by and check it out. I'm so excited by this discovery and if it weren't for Graham, a favorite blogger pal of mine, I never would have found it, so thank you Graham for discovering all of these awesome places that I am able to explore on your blog. You are SO awesome!


Have you ever felt like you were going to explode inside? I don't mean from anger, I mean because you want something in your life so much, but something or someone is hindering your odds against obtaining it? I think that's what a mid life crisis is all about. We get to a point in life where we question the things we've done and the choices we've made that led us up the path to where we are now. Even if things are great, we question, always wondering about our existence and what our purpose is. I'm not exactly sure that what I am going through is a mid life crisis, so much as it is a time filled with crisis (more than I've ever dealt with in my life). In some ways I feel more alive than I ever have, even though much of my dealings lately are pretty bad. Finding out that my mother has stage 4 cancer was the straw that broke the camel's back. So many people need me right now and this comes during a time when I'm questioning who I am (which I've


I recently commissioned my dear friend Dawn of Artist Reborne , who also has a new shop called Red Barn Mercantile, to create a piece of art for my wall. She has been creating these canvases which utilize photographs that people send to her in black and white, and colorizing them as she intricately blends them into th e canvas and its background. I am proud to own a Dawn Rice originale . On the other side of the room hangs one of my favorite pieces, note the red barn. This piece is about twice the size of the canvas that I received from Dawn, and I am hoping one day to replace that piece with another Dawn Rice originale in the same large size. She says she will think about it. Definitely a future project, but a project nonetheless.