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Work gets in the way of life. It physically binds me from spending quality time with my son on a daily basis, and sucks precious, irretrievable time away from my writing and my art. What an odd concept to be brought into a world, into a society, to work for other people, for what seems an eternity, and pay the government a part of what we make and then struggle to make ends meet. What part of this makes sense? I say no part of it makes sense. Why aren't we brought into the world, into societies that allow us to live life, barter for and grow what we need to survive, and get along with our neighbors. Just to tend to small daily chores only necessary for survival and be blessed with the rest of the time to fulfill our every need, be it emotional, physical or spiritual. The older I get, the more I realize how much time has literally been wasted in getting up early, going to a job (that unfortunately I don't love) and working all day to pay for things I keep in a home that I


I am having SO much fun with my Round Robin Express altered book/altered art group. This is the first group I've moderated (ever), and I have to say, I really got lucky. I have seven of the coolest lady artistes in this group and we all care about keeping it fun and making everything run like clockwork. I've been in many, many, other altered art groups, and I have to say, I was never very excited about them for several reasons. The largest altered book group on Yahoo has something like 1,800 members. I used to belong to that group, but when I went to the messages area and looked around, I really never had much of an idea as to who was doing what and what swaps were active or who's running the swaps. It's very chaotic and very frustrating for me, because I like to be organized and orderly. It's the only way to make sure that everyone gets their altered books back to them in all of their fabulousness and that the swaps are set with guidelines so they will run


I have wanted to make paper for a lot of years, but never found the right moment to gather everything I needed and get down to it. This weekend I decided that I wanted to make paper to use on the covers I am making for the cookbook project we're doing in my Yahoo group. I wasn't sure that I w anted to use torn up newspaper for my pulp, so I decided to use all of the sheets of paper from so many revisions of my first book (I 'm on my third now, so you can imagine the volume I have from edits). I thought it would be neat to know that, besides my efforts in making the paper, a little more of me was put into the process. I love how it turned out. For half of the batch, I threw a piece of sag e card stock into the blender and got a faded, beautiful green hue. I also added to the blender, various colors and types of flower petals from my garden, and some pretty, long leaves. I put some eucalyptus oil in the mix as well and the paper now has a beautiful scent to it.


My son is employed!!!! We are now a 2 income family, that is until school starts in two weeks. Brice just got a job at McDonald's cashiering. He is working 5 days a week now and will change to just weekends or one weekend day when school starts. Finally, we can afford to feed him to the amount which he believes he should be accustomed. LOL . I'm beaming from ear to ear with pride over how good hearted my sweet boy is in wanting to contribute to our dire financial situation. Not many kids these days are willing to work and then spend the money on such dull things as groceries and household needs. I was surprised at the colors in the uniform - back and brown? It doesn't say McDonald's to me - but then again, I don't really ever eat there. I think the last time was 12 years ago and they had yellow shirts and red hats. Times, they are a- changin '.


My son and I took some guests to Tombstone this weekend and I got some more great pictures. I forget each time, just how much I love visiting there. One fabulous thing I discovered, which would only be fabulous to no one but me, is this smoke shop who sells cigar boxes for $1.00 each. I bought out his stock. I was SO excited, I was saying things out loud like, "Oh my God, this is SO cool" and "I'm SO excited, I can't believe I found these." The poor man thought I was really gone for flipping out over used cigar boxes, but when I explained I used them in my art and made cigar box purses, and altered boxes, he said he wanted to see some the next time I went down there. We really had a great trip and my son and I got hung. We now have official death certificates because the man with the gun in the street said, "Ma'am, you don't have a permit to use that camera and we hang people for that." LOL .


I have had such a great week opening and sorting through the two packages Renee sent to me for this swap. I don't think I could h ave asked for a more compatible partn er in the sense th at we both idolize shopping at thrift s t ores, yard sales, esta te sales, you name it. W e agreed to purchase items only from the stores mentioned a bove . Nothing new, other than candy items, or other food stuffs. Just look at the multitude and variety of goodies. She even found an old Frigidaire ice tray, you know, the metal kind you freeze and then pull the handle to loosen, and filled it will all kinds of trinkets. I washed it up a nd put it in the freezer. The ice cubes from that things are huge to say the least. She even wrapped it i n a beautiful piece of purple netting and tied it with a huge baby blue bow. I loved the miniature white meta l chair, the beautiful blue bo ttle and the vintage Avon cold cream ja r. It doesn't ge t much cooler than that! As a matter of f


It definitely took a while, but here they are--16 tags for the Round Robin Express Element Tag Swap. One thing I was really happy about was finding tag templates that were larger than the original tag size as it is much easier to work on a surface of a larger size (especially when my glasses prescription is out of date and there are no immediate prospects of affording a new one). There are five people in this swap (including myself) and we had to make one set of tags for each person, in this case four people. I made 4 tags for earth, 4 tags for water, 4 tags for fire, and 4 tags for wind/air. When all of the mailing is said and done, each person will have 16 awesome elemental tags to keep on their jump rings or save in whatever format works for them. Creating these tags made me realize what an "outdoor" person I am and how into photography I am. I really wanted to make sure I used actual photographs to represent the elements, because I SO love being out in them, gardeni


I just finished my second spread in Tiffany's book. This one is entitled, "Mirror Mirror on the Wall." I have really gotten into this vintage wallpaper background thing. The mirror is shiny as it is made with an interior of foil. I found a beautiful button that resembled a vintage broach and glued it on the picture of the woman. This spread was a bit simpler than I usually do, but I really think it needed to be. I really like this piece. I hope Tiffany does.


I hope everyone had a fabulous fourth. I had my niece and nephew over for a couple of days while their mom and dad had an "alone time" getaway - much needed. I took my son and the two of them to Lake Patagonia and we rented a peddle boat - a four- seater . We pedaled all over that huge lake and boy did I need the exercise. The kids jumped off of the boat in every little cove we visited and swam for a while in their clothes. They loved it. I, on the other hand, opted not to swim as someone had to keep the boat in the local vicinity, as there was no place to tie off. We had a great day together. I took this picture of my niece when we docked in the only cove we were able to run aground in. This picture reminded me of the epitome of the "girl next door" look. L to R - My niece Sarah (11), My son Brice (15), and my Nephew Alex (8)