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Who knew altering milk and juice cartons could be so fun. This was the first one I altered and I did it because I am in the Art in a Carton Swap (see details in post below). After I painted the carton this awesome, kind of antique blue/gray color, it resembled a color I had seen in an old house I was in when I lived in Virginia for a couple of years. I then found some old wallpaper patterns and created the same "wall" on all four sides of the carton. Then I thought, o kay , now what to do with the walls. Having the photographers itch all the time, the first thi ng I thought of was that a wall needs a picture and these walls need vintage pictures. I was finally able to use that old picture of Natalie Wood I discovered in one of my grandmother's old frames. On the thr ee rema ining sides I put pictures of vintage women I have been collecting over time. I discovered the cutest little gold brads, some round an d some square, and I also found some matching gold wire


I can't believe how quickly I got into altering Tiffany's book. In her likes and dislikes she mentioned she liked the sea and, well, anyone who knows me knows the sea is in my soul. This was SO much fun to create. I made a sort of door on the top of the right hand page and when you open it: it reveals calm seas, with gentle waves creeping up to a sandy shore. Ah, it takes me home just to look at it. I'm working on a second 2-page spread in Tiffany's book and am very excited about it, but you'll have to wait a bit to see it.


I love to make things out of childrens' board books and my sister-in-law's birthday is coming up, so I thought, hmmm, what do you get the person who literally has everything? Well, you don't, you make her something. So I decided to make her a frame because the three foster kids she and my brother have right now are getting ready to be permanently placed in New Mexico and I had taken a great picture of them a while ago that she loved, with her son and daughter and my son in a totem pole line up. The photo on the right is one that I took of my niece Sarah. I put the two together because Sarah is the one in the picture on the right who you can only see the top of her head, that, plus she's our resident princess.


I am SO proud. Last night my son, Brice, came to me and asked if when I went to work the next day, he could borrow a few art supplies. WOO HOO - he's never asked me that question before. I was stunned, shocked, excited and happy, but most of all, curious. He has been watching me for a long time as I alter my books and I always ask for his opinion. He always has something nice to say and comments on how fun the process looks, especially the carving part. To know my son is to know that he likes crosses. We are of no particular denomination, we take a little wisdom from all walks of life, but he has always been attracted to crosses. I think he wears like 9 crosses on his neck every time he goes out the door. So he had the idea of decoupaging the cover of the book with pages of another book, and then layering this big cross on top. It's very shiny. When I opened the book I was so surprised at how original he was with this. He carved out a small square for each of neckl


I just caught sight of the most awesome image just now. I am going through some weird allergy seasonal thing so I wasn't feeling great this evening. I went into my room and booted up my laptop on top of my bed. Next to my bed there is a large window and I keep the blinds open during the daylight hours to suck up all of the light I possibly can. As I was typing away, I looked out the window at the block wall of the house next door and I saw a shadow on the wall of something moving up and down. I then realized that my son was in the back yard, out of sight, jumping on the trampoline. What I was witnessing was his image caught in the sunlight and cast upon the wall of the house next door. I watched this shadow for a long time, thinking to myself how lucky I am to be the mother of this fabulous human being, who so wants to help other people all the time. His birthday was this past weekend and although things didn't go the way he had hoped in every direction, he still just s


I just discovered, thanks to my good friend Rho, a blog called Art in a Carton. The idea is that the originator, Susan, will make up 52 cartons, i.e., old milk or juice cartons, with cool art supplies and goodies in them. It is a three for three swap and inside the initial carton we receive, there will be three addresses to send out three of the same types of cartons to, that we make up. The carton, as I understand it, is the actual box that the items will be mailed in. The cartons are to be decorated on the outside before they are mailed. I'm sure I'm not doing the description of this wonderful project, justice, so click on the link above to find out what it entails. It's really a fab idea.


Another trip to the thrift st ore, and I found another lonely metal box. This one however, w as the 4x6 size, as opposed to the box below. Instead of the old green color, this box was slate gray and came with a great set of alphabet tabs. I love to collage and decoupage, and I thought about what this box wanted, as a recipe box, for its new appearance. I came up with the idea of running off copies of my grandmother 's recipe book, which thankfully the pages were already yellowed, and decoupaging them onto the box. The c ool part about the way they actually laid out, is that some of the recipes are still able to be read entir ely , and I can just make them just reading them off of the box. On the bottom I used some clear glass rocks for feet. For the handl e I found a beautiful gold drawer pull. I sprayed the inside black and the who le thing was sprayed with lacquer to finish it off. I spent the day organizing my recipes in my new, 4x6 original recipe (no pun intended) bo


While at the thrift store the other day, I stumbled upon this poor little metal box, you know, the kind that used to be all sage green and had no feet. Well, this poor little box was so rusted on the edges and I just felt so bad for it, I had to bring it home and make it into a useful, wanted item. I stared at it for awhile, and lo and behold, it told me it always wanted to be a recipe box. Well, I just couldn't refuse the little thing, so I painted it black, and added some wooden feet and pretty decoratio ns . I happened to find these little wooden rolling pins and I thought, how cute are these. So I painted them gold and red and glued them on top. Well, the little metal box went crazy with excitement and begged for more. So, I added a wooden piece to the front with the name of the box, and used some dowels plugs for a top handle and some feet. The little box was so happy then, that it told me to stop working on it and find it a home. That part I haven't done yet, but


We had a great father's day bash at my house today, with my mom, my son, my brother, his wife and my niece and nephew. We made a huge breakfast and made "omelets in a bag", which was fun for everyone because essentially the kids got to crack their eggs, put them in the bag, add the ingredients they wanted in their omelet, and put their name on the bag. I dropped all the bags into a large pot of rapid boiling water, and presto, 5 minutes later, instant omelets that were fun to make. My brother is the only male in our family right now who is with us here and he gets to be our "token father". I got to celebrate father's day as well because Brice has no father and no grandfather. I am both mother and father to him and my mom is both grandmother and grandfather, so it was really a fun day for everyone. We are so out there, I love it. One thing I love about my niece Sarah, is that she loves the camera and she is willing to pose for me at any time, and does a


Here it is. This is what the ten items Stacy sent me in the RoundRobinExpress 10-item swap (See post below), decided they wanted to be. This was so much fun because from the 10-ran do m items Stacy had laying around her studio, she now g ets back a box, not only to keep her treasured items in, but a box made with items she chose. On the back of the box, I use d a large, brass hinge to keep the to p a nd bottom always together. I used the "open" knob Stacy sent on top of the lid to open the box. I mean, it just had to go there. On the top of the box I used the chain Stacy sent, along with her small star fish, (the "open" knob) and the little glass vile with the cork, that I put gold dust in and sealed. Don't want her spending it all in one place (*grin*). Stacy also sent a playing card, the King of Hearts if I remember correctly. I really couldn't think of anything to do with the King of Hearts, but I liked the back side of the card, so I turned it


I woke up this morning and was getting ready for work and it dawned on me that each day I am using the phrase, "You know you're an artist when..." so I decided to compose all of the reasons to fill in the ... If you are interested in contributing reasons to the list, please leave a comment with the reason and I will add it to the list and post your name and your blog next to it (just your name if you do not have a blog). When all is said and done, I will put it together in an attractive, matted and framed, art form and mail it to all interested participants. YOU KNOW YOU'RE AN ARTIST WHEN... 1. You wake up in the morning and have to wash or scrape the paint off of your hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, cheeks, hair, and other body parts before you go to work. 2. No matter where you are or what you're doing, you're brain often drifts off into thought about how best to position that odd little trinket you found at the thrift store on the piece you&

ANSWERS TO 20 QUESTIONS - Parasols, Pink Lemonade, & Polka Dots Swap

HERE ARE THE ANSWERS TO MY 20 QUESTIONS FOR THE PARASOLS, PINK LEMONADE & POLKA DOTS SWAP - - - - - - - 1. What is your favorite Summer Drink(s)? - I LOVE pink lemonade. For some reason it quenches me more than regular lemonade, even though they're really the same thing. I also like sun tea after it's brewed all day and then poured over ice. 2. What is your favorite Summer Activity? Gardening. I love to have my hands in the dirt!!! 3. If you could spend a lazy afternoon reading, what would be in your hands? Currently it would be any craft book on altered art. 4. What is your favorite type of craft/art medium? I can't say that I have a favorite, I love them all, jewelry making, home improvement, vintage art creations, but I guess I would have to say, altering books and other objects right now. 5. What is one art/craft supply you absolutely have been dying to have or try? This may sound odd, but I have never tried working on any type of canv


Well, the RoundRobinExpress 10-Item Swap Creation is on. I just received my partner, Stacy's, items in today's mail, and by coincidence, she just posted that she received mine. The rules of the swap are that we each have partnered up and each set of partners swaps 10, very random items with each other, makes an original creation using these items, and then returns the creation back to their original owner. So basically we get our items back, but in a much better form. We have ten days from the date we receive the items, to mail back the creation. We are all excited and everyone seems to be having fun so far. The Round Robin altered books are going great as well. There are just some beautiful two-page spreads going into these books. When we have finished, we are surely going to have a beautiful piece of collaborative art to treasure. I already have a spot picked out on my wall for when I finally get it back into my excited hands.


I got busy this weekend on a project that has been long overdue in the execution. My neighbors, Tim and Bob, have a stockpile of discontinued tiles and they let me go through them and pick out all that I wanted for free. They are really sooo wonderful. I love them so much!!! I happened to have some left over grout and mortar, and even found some leftover grout sealer from past projects. My backyard steps are now the envy of the neighborhood (well, at least the three neighbors that have seen it so far - *giggle*). It's great to look out my back door now and not see two, gray, concrete steps that blend in a bit too well with the pavers. If you ever want to do a project like this one, you can generally talk your local tile and/or flooring store, into letting you have their old samples and leftovers from past jobs. Sometimes they charge, but in the past I have been able to get permission to go through the "scrap" in their warehouses. One person's scrap, is anothe


My son and I went on a nature walk, photo s hoot. I found the most interesting cactus in bloom. I particular ly love the shadow in the upper right corner of the picture. It reminds me of a cartoon character, but I can't remember which one. Things are going great on my Yahoo group thus far, and I'm busy creating things for my friend Kimberly Terlouw's birthday, which I will post pictures of soon. My books are coming along just fine. I ha ve two completed, one being edited and still writing the third one. To say the least, I am busy, but it keeps the constant insanity that lives in my mind, concentrating on good and creative ventures. I took my son to Willcox this weekend for his 4-H Spring Fling. I am so proud. He took grand champion in the favorite foods division, for which he prepared his favorite dish. This was his table setting: and he did all of that himself. He even looked up the napkin folding online to find the fleur de lis fold that he chose. Talk a


I just finished my 2-page spread in Rho's Book, on the Yahoo Groups' RoundRobinExpress ongoing Altered Book and other items swaps. We are having so much fun over there. Right now we have 8, very creative and enthusiastic women. We are a fabulous group. This spread was fun because Rho, like myself, loves vintage pin-up art and because I'm having so much fun with matting photos lately, I decided to matte this awesome find-of-a-photo in a sepia-toned, velvet matte, that my friend Andy gave to me when she donated her "scraps" my way. She is an AWESOME picture framer/matte cutter/ artiste, by the way!!!! I then used my new scruffed up checkerboard background stamp on the other side and added many embellishments to the piece. I hate that the camera doesn't show them all, but if you use your imagination... I've been soooooo tired lately due to my allergies and this heat/wind thing going on with the weather. I used to try to blog every day or every other


I just signed up for the Parasols, Pink Lemonade & Polka Dots swap, hosted by Sweet Goodness Swaps. I love the Sweet Goodness blog. She really has so many great ideas and fabulous swaps. This will be the first swap of hers I've joined, but I've been admiring for many months. If you want to check it out, go to