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Although I've altered other types of books, I had not yet taken a shot at a children's board book. This is my first attempt, and it turned out to be a children's song book. I found some great vintage children's book photos and put a picture on the left an d a so ng on the right for each 2-page spread. Below are photos of the inside and back. I was really proud of this one. The photos are a bit dark, but I think you can see them enough to get the idea. The color around the edges is a metallic gold, almost like a liquid gold leafing. I did that on every page of the book. It reminded me of those miniature "Golden Books".


I had the best day today, and to top it off, I get home and there is a package in the mail from Sweden. I immediately realized it had to be from Elisabeth of Lev Livet Leende ( because I'm not familiar with anyone else in Sweden), from the Easter Bunny's Chicks' Easter Swap (see link on left panel), and it was. She sent me the most beautiful wall hanger, made from cloth with a satiny ribbon adorning the top of it, and the word "Amour" written across sheet music and ironed onto the fabric. It's just gorgeous. AND inside was a package of marshmallowy goodness: pink, white and yellow chicks, bunnies and birds, that taste like those giant, orange marshmallows shaped like peanuts . They are SOOOO good. I am going to hang this beautiful piece on my wall next to my bed with my favorite potpourri inside. Thank you Elisabeth. You have much talent and exquisite taste.


Woo hoo. I just got home and opened the mailbox and my swap items from Sarah's (at GypsyMermaidLife) Hanging Up Springtime Swap were there. I was SO stoked. Look how adorable. The clothesline is such a pretty piece of ribbon with these cute miniature clothes pins in varied pastel spring colors. I hung it right up on my wall. Sarah put a slip in our packages that listed who created which item. Mine were as follows, from left to right: The gorgeous gloves with the piece of ribbon linking them together were made by Lori at Flickr:goodygoodygumdrops, and the beautiful hat covered in lace was made by Trish at The sweet butterfly was made by Rhonda at, and the awesome bloomers were made by Dawn at Look how cute the bird is, with its large tail plume. It was made by Nerissa at, and the gorgeous dress with its delicate lace and ribbon, was made by Priscilla a


I just finished participating in the Bold and Free Scavenger Hunt located at click on the title above). This was really fun and a chance to get to know some awesome bloggers . Check it out, but hurry, it ends on March 30 th .


I found the most beautiful flowers in my garden yesterday so I just had to post them. Thank you God for the beauty of Spring!!!!! (Oh, and my tree is budding - woo hoo!)


My second altered book is finally finished. I've been working on it for approximately 2 months, but that's because I only picked it up about three times since before last week. I think I was looking at it and pondering about what I wanted to do with it, and this is what it turned out to be. It's interactive wall art. I have many old hard-cover books that I got for free fro m the library's free bin. It took me two days to finish just the front cover (love that gel medium). I think the pictures kind of captured how shiny it turned out. I put about 4 coats of lacquer on it. I love shiny. On the spine, I put the new title of my book - I call it "Swing", and you'll see why in a minute. As you open the book there is a torn page in between the cover and the next page: The view as you open the book reveals that is was all glued together in the middle, carved out and used as a shadow box. As you can see from my post of February 17, 2008, I love making


I found the coolest leaf stamp at Big Lots the other day, for only $.60, and it's huge. It barely fit on these 4x4 ceramic tiles, which I turned into coasters. I will be adding felt to the bottoms of each tile for furniture protection soon. As you may or may not know, ink of any kind does not stick well to any type of ceramic surface, so I first treated each tile with gel medium and then stamped the image over that. I used black acrylic paint around the leaf. I then (so far) sprayed about 8 coats of clear lacquer over each tile. I'm still adding coats of lacquer to see just how tough I can get them, surface wise. This was a really fun and inexpensive project.


I finally finished my swap items for my two partners for the Easter Bunny's Chicks' Easter Swap. I have to say, I thought they were so cute, I had a hard time mailing them out. I put a LOT of work into them and was very proud of the finished product. I am going to post pictures of them, but not until my swap buddies let me know they have received them. This could be a while as one of them is in Sweden. So, forCRYeye and Lev Livit Leende, ple ase post a comment here when you have recieved your items so I know you have them. Post edited 03/21/2008 - -- - - -- Okay so tomorrow the items are going to be posted on the Easter Bunny's Chicks' site, so I thought I would go ahead and post the pictures of the items I made for my two swap partners. They are tea light holders that double as candy dishes. I did a vintage decoupage on them and a couple of layers of varnish. One was for Paula at forCRYeye and one for Elisabeth at Lev Livet Leende . Here they are: I filled each


This idea came to me last week while sitting at my desk at work. I made these dice cubes and put pictures on them, one white and one black. They are 1 x 1 on each side. Tomorrow I will bring them to work and put them on my desk. When I tire of looking at those pictures, I will just roll the dice and whatever combination comes up, that's what I'll look at for another period of time. I might do it daily, just to see the possibilities that happen. Some of ithe pictures are of my son and I together, of him when he was young and of my photography. This was fun. I'm so happy with myself that I'm finally opening up enough to get original ideas (I usually get them from books).


My bosses birthday is tomorrow and I had the idea for this "humorous" card. He usually has a great sense of humor, I hope it doesn't change when he reads this. I have a program that allows you to put your pohotographs into different templates. One of my favorites is the Titanic template. The top says he was "Titanic Survivor #112". He is an attorney, so I put a caption by his business sign that reads "He'll help you keep your head above water, too." The inside of the card looks like this: The picture to the right is another template and it has Dwight D. Eisenhower in the middle and my boss seated to his left. He served in the military for many years. I thought this came out reall cute, so I wanted to share it.


I've had the best day today, putting together all of the craft ideas that "craftily" made their way into the front of the creative lobe of my brain all week long - making it very difficult to concentrate on work. The first project I did was a: SEED PACKET CARRIER I had this idea because whenever I go out to plant my seeds, either using the potting bench or straight into the ground, I always wind up with seeds packets everywhere and rifling through the piles to find the ones I want. What I did was to take one of those small 4x6 photo albums (holds like 12 pages), and then I painted black enamel paint over the front and back cover. After I embellished the covers with various ephemera, I put the words "Organic Seeds" on the inside cover and added tabs to the sides of some of the pages. I have three categories in this one - Herbs, Fruits and Veggies, and Flowers. I found that I could get about 24 packets of seeds in one of these little books and it not only categori


I had so much fun over the weekend making this 4"x5" accordion book. I also discovered the coolest cardboard to use when making front and back covers, because I wanted it to be extremely durable. I had some old 3-ring binders and I took the vinyl off of the back and front covers which revealed a 1/4" thick piece of cardboard on each one. I used a large paper cutter to cut through the thick cardboard. It made super strong covers on my accordion books. This is the back cover, which I used an Air Mail stamp to write my name and "created by" on, along with the date. The middle holds accordion pages made from parchment paper, which are glued to the front and back cover. I think this would make a nice "Grandma's Brag Book" for pictures of her grandchildren or even a "Mother's Brag Book."


Well, this is an odd one for sure, but mostly because it makes me remember how naive I was, and because the whole thing was just weird. His name was Charles (Chuck) Snyder. Not only were we in the 5th grade together (this is his yearbook picture for that year), but he also lived a couple of trailers up from us in the trailer park. I remember when I was 11, I was really into my girlfriends and didn't really give a crap about boys, but I had a kind of a "crush" on Chuck. He always wanted to play "grown ups" with me (that should have been my first clue) at the trailer park and when my best friend Julie Spencer wasn't allowed outside, I acquiesced to play with him, for lack of anyone else around. Coincidentally, my friend Julie also lived in the trailer park. Well one day we were at the swings or something like that, and Chuck wanted to play "grown ups." He asked me if I knew what sex was and if I had ever done it before. Now, you have to understand th


We recently made a trip to the Reid Park Zoon in Tucson, and I fell in love with this one Giraffe. I always wanted to have one as a pet, but I just don't have the acreage (or trees). She kept trying to get close to me so I could rub her nose, but they have it fenced so that you can't touch them (of course). Isn't she beautiful? Her eyes are so soulful.